Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Automated Safety Systems and Security

Yesterday, after I made my posting here about automated safety systems and their applicability as security systems, I posted a question on the same subject over on the security discussion board. While that site hasn’t been too active of late, I thought that it might be a good place to get feed back from control system professionals. The question posted was: “Is anyone using an existing automated safety system as a documented mitigation technique as part of a facility security plan?” I was pleasantly surprised to get two quick responses to the question. Actually neither was a direct response to the question, but were supportive of the idea. Both the response from Walt Boyes (Editor at Control and at and fenton2 (a regular contributor at that site) are worth reading. If there are any readers here that would be interested in joining that discussion feel free to post your responses at the site, I’ll make sure that such postings get cross coverage here. Readers preferring to post their response here, will of course be appreciated.

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