Friday, January 9, 2009


It has been two weeks now since the bulk of the TSA Rail Security Rule went into effect. Since receivers of Rail Security Sensitive Materials (RSSM) are only affected by the rule if they are in a High Threat Urban Area (HTUA), TSA promised in their final rule to have a map of HTUAs on their web site. This was noted in the preamble to the rule, “Before the effective date of this final rule, TSA will provide on its website maps of each of the 46 HTUAs that TSA will use to inspect for compliance with the applicable sections of this regulation” (73 FR 72150). As of this morning there is still not HTUA Map on the TSA web site. To be fair to TSA they did note that these maps would be for “general guidance purposes only”. They stated in the same section of the preamble to the final rule that: “TSA encourages any regulated party with questions concerning the applicability of this final rule to its operations to contact TSA directly.” Facilities that receive railcar quantities of RSSM and are located in (or within 10 miles of the boundary of) any of the urban areas listed in Appendix A to § 1580 of 49 CFR should have already contacted the TSA Freedom Center (703-563-3240 or 1-877-456-8722) to verify their HTUA status.

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