Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Chem Security Bill in 111th Congress

Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee (D, TX) has submitted the first bill of the 111th Congress specifically dealing with Chemical Facility Security. HR 261 was introduced yesterday and referred to the Homeland Security Committee and the Energy and Commerce Committee. No reporting dates have yet been assigned by the Speaker. The bill was co-sponsored by Chairman Thompson of the Homeland Security Committee. Ms Jackson-Lee serves as a sub-committee chair on the same committee. The only other data available this morning on, the Library of Congress site that covers all matters congressional, is the title of the bill. The title for HR 261 is “To provide that no Federal funds may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to approve a site security plan for a chemical facility, unless the facility meets or exceeds security standards and requirements to protect the facility against acts of terrorism established for such a facility by the State or local government for the area where the facility is located, and for other purposes.” This sounds like an interesting way to increase the influence of the States of New Jersey and California. It might also be a creative way to require IST implementation. Until we can see the actual wording of the bill, it is hard to tell just what is required. Needless to say I’ll report more when I have more information.

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