Friday, January 9, 2009

DHS Updates Chemical Security Page

On Thursday DHS updated their Chemical Security Web page. This has effectively been the portal page to the CFATS program. There was no new information added to the page (other than a nice graphic of a glossy brochure on CFATS). What they did do was change the way that the page was used to access CFATS information on the DHS web site. There used to be five links near the bottom of the page that took you to various aspects of CFATS. Four of those links are no longer there. They were: Facilities covered by the Chemical Security Anti-Terrorism Standards Chemical Security Assessment Tool Chemical Security Laws and Regulations Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information There are still ways to get the CSAT and CVI information through links on this page. These are located in the ‘I Want to: ’ box near the top of the page. The ‘register to access CSAT’, the ‘view Top Screen’, and the ‘view SVA’ links will take you to the appropriate section of the CSAT page. The CVI information page can be accesses by clicking on the ‘complete CVI training’ link. Unfortunately there are no links to the ‘facilities covered by CFATS’ or the ‘chemical security laws and regulations’ pages. As of today the links that I have for those pages still work, but I can find no other page that links to those two pages. The ‘facilities covered by CFATS’ page has a good explanation of what facilities are not covered by CFATS and the reason they were exempted. The ‘laws and regulations’ page provides a good list of the legislation and regulations that are associated with CFATS along with their associated links. In short, I think that both pages are valuable information resources. Another thing that I was disappointed in was that I have not yet received the notification of the changes to this page that I signed up for. DHS has been pretty good about sending emails out to people about changes on some of these pages, so I am surprised that they missed it on this change.

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Anonymous said...

Can you post the active links you have for "facilities covered by CFATS" and "laws and regulations" pages.

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