Friday, January 16, 2009

High Cost of Security

I ran into a brief, yet interesting piece over on the web site. It discusses a group that offers “leasing financing to companies looking to deploy security technologies to protect critical infrastructure and key facilities”. According to the brief report this financing option is being targeted at “mid-sized chemical facilit(ies) needing to meet CFATS regulations”. There are going to be a lot of security costs being incurred this year as security plans are being developed and implemented. In today’s economic environment it could be difficult for companies to get the loans necessary for large capital purchases. A leasing option like this may be the way to go. But, there are other possibilities…. Congress might want to explore providing grants or government loans to high-risk chemical facilities for site security upgrades. This could easily be justified as part of the economic stimulus package being developed. As with any good government program it would be beneficial on a number of different levels. It would provide a shot of money into the economy. It would serve the public good by increasing their protection against potential terrorist attack. And, if it was done as low-cost government loans, it would eventually bring the money directly back to the treasury.

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Runer said...

I think high cost for security is balance...

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