Friday, October 31, 2008

Video Surveillance Book – 2nd Edition

Back in July I did a review (see: “Review: Security Managers Guide to Video Surveillance”) of an e-book, Security Manager’s Guide to Video Surveillance. John Honovich, the author and owner of the IPVideoMarket.Info web site, has recently published the 2nd Edition of that book. He has updated the information and provided even more links to video surveillance information on the internet. Still Not a How to Book In my earlier review I noted that the e-book was “not the how-to book that one might expect from the title”. It was targeted at the experienced security manager that had some experience with the older surveillance systems that are still common in many installations. The second edition has expanded the amount of ‘elementary’ level information, but it will still not allow a novice security manager to design, install, or troubleshoot an effective video surveillance system. To be fair, John makes no claim that it will. It does provide a better spread of information that will better allow a novice security manager to intelligently discuss video surveillance systems with a security video consultant. Links to Other Tutorials John has done something fairly unusual with this book. He had included an entire chapter (Chapter 11: Directory of On-Line Video Surveillance Tutorials) that describes and provides links to other web sites where more detailed information is available. The subjects cover a wide range of issues, including Basic Lighting for Cameras (link to, Basic Overview of Security Cameras (link to , and Webinar Introduction to Video Analytics (link to among many others. Special Offer This is a free e-book and I have seen nothing on the site where John asks for any money related to this book. Even so, there is a ‘special offer’ found on the third page of the book, an offer similar to what you would expect to see on a late-night infomercial. In this case there is no claim of ‘no extra charge’ since there is no charge to add to. What John is offering is essentially a free email consultation. Here is what the book says:
“From now until December 31, 2008, IP Video Market Info is offering free product recommendations. Simply send an email to with your request (looking for cameras, DVRs, video analytics, etc., describe any special needs or constraints). I will review the request, probably send you a follow up email or two and then provide a one page private report recommending products and explaining my rationale.”
Please read the book before you request this free recommendation. This way you will understand that even with this recommendation in hand you will not be ready to install and integrate a video surveillance system. This is still something that is better left to the experts. Recommendation I think John has greatly improved an already good book and I recommend that everyone working with security at high-risk chemical facilities should read this book. If you have read the first edition, throw it out and get the 2nd. Remember, sometime early next year site security plans will have to be submitted and a video surveillance system will be an integral part of most of those security systems.


John Honovich said...

Hi Patrick,

First, thanks for the review and sharing this with your readers.

I think you make a very good point about it not providing enough information on design or installation. In the next edition, I will definitely add chapters specific to that. While I talk about design throughout, I definitely need to provide a focused section explaining the basics.

I appreciate the feedback and expect the 3rd edition to have those chapters.



Anonymous said...

Thanks to this post I found John's ebook. Thanks :)

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