Thursday, October 9, 2008

Automation Industry Looks at CFATS

There is an interesting article about the CFATS program on What makes this an unusual CFATS article is that it is written from a cyber systems engineering perspective instead of the normal security or chemical approach.


The author, Jeff Moad, introduces terms to the discussion that are normally bandied about in corporate IT break rooms not chemical manufacturing facilities. For example he discusses future CFATS needs:


·           “But, in order to achieve CFATS compliance, it's likely that chemical manufacturers, large and small, will find themselves needing to implement a wide range of new systems, from product lifecycle management (PLM) applications for tracking product contents to human capital management (HCM) systems required to make sure that individuals accessing regulated information have the proper clearance and training.”


He also quotes Tim Scott, Dow's chief security officer:


·           "We now have to set up a process for classifying employees and protecting internal critical information," Scott says. "We need to make sure people get all the information they need, but only the information they need."


You know that industry is starting to take security seriously when their IT systems people start talking about new applications.


In any case, it is interesting to see a new perspective on chemical facility security.

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