Monday, October 27, 2008

Public Comment Requested on Draft RBPS Guidance

In today’s Federal Register DHS posted their notice that the Draft Risk Based Performance Standard (RBPS) Guidance document (Draft Guidance) is now available for public comment. Comments need to be filed by November 26th. A copy of the Draft Guidance was not published in the Federal Register, nor will the final version be published there according to this notice. The notice states that suggested changes and comments should identify the appropriate page and line number in the Guidance Document. Commenters should also cite “data, information, or authority that supports such recommended changes”. Comments can be submitted electronically at or by mail. Comments must include the agency name and the docket number (DHS-2006-0073). All comments will be published on the web site. This notice did not contain the normal warnings about proprietary data or CVI in submissions. If you need to include such data to justify proposed changes I would suggest contacting Dennis Deziel {Office of Infrastructure Protection, Mail Stop 8100, Washington, DC 20528, telephone number (703) 235-5263} before making such a submission. You can download a copy of this draft from the website. I will periodically add posts about published comments in this blog.

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