Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RBPS Guidance Web Page

Yesterday amongst all of the other blog posts, I did not get a chance to comment on a change to the DHS Chemical Security web pages that was related to yesterday’s posting of the Draft Risk-Based Performance Standards Guidance Document (see: “Public Comment Requested on Draft RBPS Guidance”). In the great scheme of things the web page changes are not earth shattering, but they are indicative of the outreach effort that DHS is making as they continue to implement CFATS. As noted in the Federal Register listing there was a link on the DHS.Gov/Chemical Security web page to get a copy of the Guidance Document. Instead of taking you directly to a .Pdf copy of the document it takes you to a new page, the Notice of Availability and Request for Comments web page for the Draft RBPS Guidance document. This new page provides the web surfer with information on how to make comments about this document. This is the first time that I have seen these instructions outside of the Federal Register listing. Kudos to the internet design team over at DHS – Chemical Security (probably the Help Desk crew) for the outreach effort. The other interesting thing that was done with this web page was that the link to the document takes one back to the Regulations.Gov web page where the document is posted as part of the CFATS docket. I guess this frees up some space on the DHS web server and Regulations.Gov does need to keep a copy posted in any case. This may actually be a case of cyber efficiency in the US government; quite a thought.

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