Monday, August 2, 2021

Review - Senate Substitute Language for HR 3684 – Invest in America Act

Last night the Senate leadership finally came to an agreement on the substitute language that will be considered in the Senate for HR 3684. This was offered as amendment SA 2137 (pg S 5255) with an easier to read Committee Print available. The consideration process on the floor starts in earnest today and we will be seeing a number of amendments offered and considered.

As was expected, there are many cybersecurity provisions included in this bill. They include the incorporation of five bills that have been introduced in the House or Senate. The bill also includes five sections that provide detailed cyber security requirements and 27 instances of cybersecurity mentions in passing.

The amendment process for this bill was actually started on Friday with four amendments submitted, none of which are of interest here. There were no amendments proposed on Saturday, but there seven other amendments submitted yesterday. There will certainly be other amendments submitted in the coming days. The Democrats hope to finish the consideration of this bill by Friday so that the Senate can proceed with their scheduled Summer Recess, but there are reports that Sen Schumer is prepared to hold the Senate in session until the bill is passed.

For more details on the cybersecurity provisions in the substitute language, see my article at CFSN Detailed Analysis - - subscription required.

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