Wednesday, August 4, 2021

CSB Updates on Lyondell Incident – 8-3-21

The CSB published a brief update on their deployment to the Lyondell site in La Porte, TX, the site of a major acetic acid release last month. That release killed 2 and at least 30 other personnel were transported to medical facilities for treatment.

The CSB has not yet been given access to the incident site, reporting that the “immediate area of the release is not accessible due the presence of hazardous materials released as result of the incident.” This probably means that the spill was contained in a diked area and the material has yet to be removed. This supports (but does not confirm) my suggestion that this was a storage tank failure. The delay in the removal of the material may be due to insurance issues.

While waiting to see the incident scene the CSB team is doing the grunt work of any chemical incident investigation, gather records and conducting interviews.

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