Saturday, June 3, 2017

DHS Announces 2017 CSSS Registration

Earlier this week DHS announced the opening of registration for the 2017 Chemical Sector Security Summit (CSSS) that will be held in Houston, TX on July 19-21, 2017. As with the 2016 CSSS, you can register to attend the actual Summit in Houston, or you can watch the live webcasts of most of the presentations.

Last year’s CSSS was the first time that DHS provided webcasts of some of the presentations and they look like they are expanding the webcast coverage. Instead of trying to list all of the webcast presentations (listed here) I will provide a list of those that are not being webcast.

• An Evolving World: Analyzing Threats to the Chemical Sector, Thursday, 0900-1000;
• DHS Tools and Resources Exchange, various times;
• How Vulnerable Are You?: Effective Strategies for Assessing Cybersecurity Risk, Thursday, 1330-1430;
• DHS and Chemical Innovations: S&T Research and Development, Thursday, 1330-1340;
• Digital Intruders: Blinkey Demo, Thursday, 1455-1605;
• Run, Hide, Fight: Preparing Your Facility for an Active Shooter, Thursday, 1455-1605;
• How Digital Devices Communicate: Understanding the Internet of Things, Thursday, 1620-1730;
• Global Partnerships: International Chemical Security Efforts, Thursday, 1620-1730;

You will notice that the last six are pairs of presentations being conducted at the same time. There are actually three ‘breakout’ periods being conducted on Thursday with three presentations being give during each period. It looks like DHS attempted to select the three (probably) most popular presentations to be webcast. Those are:

• Left of Boom: Bombing Prevention Awareness Program Update
• What to Expect during a CFATS Inspection
• When Disaster Strikes: Security Roles During a Disaster

Personally, I would have preferred to see the cybersecurity risk assessment strategy talk instead of the bomb prevention talk, but I have some hands on experience with explosives (conventional and improvised), so my preferences may be skewed.

As usual this looks like it will be an interesting meeting. If you can attend the ‘no-cost’ (no cost for the actual meetings; DHS cannot do anything about travel and lodging costs) conference you probably should. The chance to talk to folks from DHS and other CFATS covered facilities should be well worth the trip.

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