Friday, March 31, 2017

S 679 Introduced – Aircraft Cybersecurity

Last week Sen. Markey (D,MA) introduced S 679, the Cybersecurity Standards for Aircraft to Improve Resilience  (Cyber AIR) Act of 2017. This bill is very similar to S 2764 that was introduced in the 114th Congress and saw no action there.


There is one significant difference between this bill and S 2764; §5 from the earlier bill is not present in this bill. That section outlined the requirements for the DOT’s Federal Aviation Administration to provide annual reports to Congress on “on attempted and successful cyberattacks on any system on board an aircraft” {§5(a) in S 2764}.

Moving Forward

Markey is a member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee to which the bill was assigned for consideration. Thus, there is a possibility that that Committee could consider this bill. I don’t believe, however, that there have been sufficient change in the composition of the Senate to overcome the opposition that was seen when portions of this bill were proposed by Markey last session as amendments to HR 636, the FY 2017 FAA authorization bill and S 2658, the Senate version of the same bill.

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