Friday, March 3, 2017

HR 955 Introduced – Cyber National Guard

Last month Rep. Jackson-Lee (D,TX) introduced HR 955, the Cyber Defense National Guard Act. The bill would require the Director of National Intelligence to prepare a report for Congress on the feasibility of establishing a Cyber Defense National Guard (CDNG). The bill is virtually the same as HR 60 that was introduced in the 114th Congress; no action was taken on that bill.

The same thing that stopped this bill from moving forward in the last session almost certainly applies to this version of the bill; Jackson-Lee is not a member of the House Committee on Intelligence. The not-invented-here syndrome is alive and well in Congress. Regardless of the fact that Jackson-Lee is an influential member of the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees (even with Republican leadership), she has no influence on what bills are considered in the Intelligence Committee.

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