Saturday, November 19, 2016

DHS Updated NTAS Bulletin – 11-15-16

Did you notice the homeland security uproar this week? Well, neither did I. But DHS did issue a new National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) bulletin on Tuesday. Why the lack of fear and consternation? It was just a continuation of the two previously issued bulletins (here and here).

An alert reader may have noticed that on Tuesday the NTAS widget on this blog (upper right side) changed from reporting a bulletin to now report ‘ACTIVE BULLETIN’. I’m sure that it caught everyone’s attention.

To be fair, DHS does have an information sharing conundrum. There is undoubtedly some level of existing threat of a terrorist attack in the United States. What real information there may be about specific threats known to the government will not be (and almost certainly shouldn’t be) shared by DHS while the government takes steps to prevent those attacks from unfolding.

But we do want them to tell us something, right? So we get another of these non-information bulletins. And it has become a non-event, as we should have expected. Not quite as ignored as the old color-coded threat levels that the NTAS replaced, but still ignored enough that when the system is used to share real information, it will probably be ignored. Of course, that won’t be a real problem because there will certainly be an official announcement that will make the news.

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