Friday, November 14, 2014

Bills Introduced – 11-13-14

Yesterday was the second day of the lame duck session and all sorts of stuff has to be addressed by this Congress; including the FY 2015 spending bill. With that said, there were 22 bills introduced yesterday including just one that may be of specific interest to readers of this blog:

HR 5705 To modify certain provisions relating to the Propane Education and Research Council. Rep. Latta, Robert E. [R-OH]

According to a press release from Latta’s office this bill will modify the Propane Education and Research Act (15 USC 6401 et seq) to help the propane industry avoid pricing spikes and to avoid misinterpretation of the training program requirements of the original act by the Department of Commerce. It will be interesting to see what other things may be included.

NOTE: Readers will note that the link to the bill no longer goes to the old web site. That site is being phased out and the new site will be the source of information. It looks like the new site is slower to post bills, so these ‘Bills Introduced’ posts will be coming out later in the day than normal. For those that like the old Thomas.LOC site it will be up through at least a portion of next year.

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