Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bills Introduced – 11-14-14

The Senate was already on the way home for the weekend but the House introduced 18 bills yesterday. Only two of those may be of specific interest to readers of this blog:

HR 5712 - To authorize the Private Sector Office of the Department of Homeland Security to improve private sector engagement in protecting the homeland, and for other purposes. Sponsor - Rep. Clawson, Curt [R-FL-19].

HJ Rest 129 - Appointing the day for the convening of the first session of the One Hundred Fourteenth Congress. Sponsor - Rep. McCarthy, Kevin [R-CA-23].

The current title of HR 5712 is written broad enough to cover a number of potentially interesting possibilities. I suspect that this may be the last mention of the bill in this blog, however.

HJ Res 129 is a procedural resolution that was introduced and passed yesterday in the House. It would set January 6th as the first date for the new Congress. Typically the Senate will meet to swear in new members and then adjourn until the State-of-the-Union. The House will meet that day (a Wednesday) and have a couple of additional days in session taking care of mainly procedural matters before heading back home.

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