Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DHS Publishes CFATS Update for October

Today the DHS Infrastructure Security Compliance Division (ISCD) published their CFATS Update for the month of October. As we have been seeing for the last year or so there is a steady increase in the number of CFATS facilities that have an authorized or approved Site Security Plan (SSP).

October’s rate is slower than August and September but that almost certainly reflects the variability of the facilities that are having their programs evaluated. Each facility has a unique security situation and plan that must be evaluated on its own merits; some facilities take more time than others to properly evaluate.

An interesting note this month; we have stopped the steady decline in the number of facilities covered by the CFATS program that we have been seeing since November. We actually had 7 more facilities on November 1st than we did on October 1st. Still no information about what is driving the changes in numbers. This month we can positively say that there were more new facilities added than dropped off, but still no indication of how many actually dropped off or why.

ISCD is still not telling us anything about the number of facilities that have undergone compliance inspections or how many have passed or failed those inspections. That will be the next item of Congressional interest.

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