Thursday, February 14, 2013

TSA Withdraws Cargo Security ICR Renewal

Yesterday the Office of Management and Budget announced that the TSA had withdrawn the information collection request (ICR) renewal request for the ICR that supports the TSA Cargo Security Program. There is no information on the OMB site as to why TSA withdrew this ICR renewal.

I did note last year that this ICR renewal request did include some changes in the burden numbers even though this was supposed to be an “Extension without change of a currently approved collection”. It certainly is not clear if this had anything to do with the withdrawal, but I doubt it.

Technically, when the current ICR approval expires on the 28th of this month, the TSA will no longer be authorized to collect information on their ‘Security Threat Assessment Application’ form or their ‘Aviation Security Known Shipper Verification’ form until they re-submit the ICR renewal application. Most people, however, will not notice that the authority has expired and will continue to provide the requested information so that they can continue to operate in the cargo security business.

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