Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PHMSA Gas Distribution Report ICR

The Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) published a 60-day information collection request notice in today’s Federal Register (78 FR 10261-10262). PHMSA is taking the unusual step of both requesting a revision of the current ICR for their Gas Distribution Annual Report (OMB# 2137-0522) which was just revised in December and are requesting a new OMB control number for this collection (apparently separating the annual report from the incident report currently contained in the same ICR).

Revisions to Annual Report

PHMSA is seeking this ICR revision because of some changes that it will be making on the annual report form. Those changes include:

Adding a section for operators to specify the commodity type transported;
Adding a section to the report for submitters to identify the operator type;
Adding “Reconditioned Cast Iron” as a pipe material and defining it as a cast iron gas distribution pipe that has been lined internally;
Removing the requirement to populate certain fields in Tables B1, B2, and B3 as that data will now be calculated automatically;
Adding a new data collection in “Excavation Damage” to include the four causes from Part I of the “Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT)—Field Form.”

Public Comment

PHMSA is soliciting public comment on this proposed information collection request. Comments may be submitted via the Federal eRulemaking Portal (; Docket #PHMSA-2013-0004). Comments need to be submitted by April 15th, 2013.

BTW: PHMSA could have selected a better date for the end of their comment period; just saying…

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