Saturday, February 16, 2013

CG to Fill Maritime Security Committee Vacancies

The Coast Guard published a notice (78 FR 11670-11671) in Monday’s Federal Register (available on-line today) soliciting applications for membership in the Eastern Great Lakes Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) and its subcommittees.

The notice states that the AMSC “shall assist the Captain of the Port in the development, review, update, and exercising of the Area Maritime Security (AMS) Plan for their area of responsibility”. Additionally, according to 46 USC 70112(2)(a)(1)(B)(i), the AMSCs are to “advise, consult with, report to, and make recommendations to the [DHS] Secretary on matters relating to maritime security.

A total of six openings are listed in the notice. They include:

Northeast Ohio Region (3 members);
Western New York Region (1 member); and
St. Lawrence Region (2 members).

One of the openings in the Northwest Ohio Region is specifically reserved for a representative of an MTSA regulated facility, while one of the other openings may be filled by such a representative. Both openings in the St. Lawrence region may be filled by MTSA facility representatives.

Applications need to be submitted to the Captain of the Port, Buffalo by March 21st, 2013. They should be sent to:

Captain of the Port Buffalo
Attention Regional Executive Coordinator
1 Fuhrmann Boulevard
Buffalo, NY 14203-3189

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