Friday, November 16, 2012

The Lazy Duck Session

So much for Sen. Reid’s (D,NV) threat of holding Senators for a vote on S 3254, the National Defense Authorization Act, before Thanksgiving. Yesterday the Senate voted to start their Thanksgiving Recess today. Okay, it wasn’t even a vote; S. Con Res 60 {co-sponsored by Reid and Minority Leader McConnell (R,KY)} was adopted by unanimous consent; I’ll bet that there weren’t but a handful of Senators present.

To be fair, the important stuff that will be dealt with by this post-election session is mainly being done behind the scenes and will not really be debated in public. There will be a couple of short speeches on both sides and the votes will take place. They may be able to get this done before Christmas.

The House is meeting today and will, among other things, vote on S. Con Res 60; probably the last vote of the day. Even if the House doesn’t agree the Senate will just meet in pro forma sessions like they are today.

Oh, yes, S 3254? The Senate started debate today, officially any way, no actual talking about the bill took place. As predicted a number of amendments were offered, fewer than I expected, but none of them dealt with cybersecurity or cyber-warfare issues.

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