Saturday, January 14, 2012

Updated 112th Congress Legislation Page

Today I caught up on a large back log of updates to the status of legislation in the 112th Congress that might be of interest to the various audiences of this blog. Here is a copy of the change notification log for the 112th Legislation page:

“Updated 12-26-11  Added HR 3523 under Cyber; Added 1966 Under Homeland; Added HR 3671, and HR 2055 under Budget; Added S 1952 under Hazmat; Updated HR 908 under CFATS; Updated HR 1540, HR 1892, HR 2112  and S 1867 under Budget; Updated HR 1411, HR 2764 and HR 2838 under Homeland; Updated HR 2845 under Hazmat; Updated HR 2906 under Cyber”

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here with my new job and all. That, plus I’ve been trying to wait for links to a number of bills that were signed at the end of the year. The GPO is still having problems with a couple of the spending bills (I can’t imagine why), but I’ve decided to go forward with what we’ve got. Besides Congress comes back to work next Tuesday and we get to start the second-half.

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