Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reader Comment: TSA Video Surveillance Report

I got a real nice response to yesterday’s TSA Video Surveillance blog post from the President of SightLogix. The comment is posted to the original blog and is well worth reading. The interesting point that he makes (from my point of view) is that the un-redacted TSA video surveillance report (and others like it) is posted on the “TSA’s Secure Webboard”. This is apparently a restricted information (SSI I presume) sharing site that is accessible to registered Airport Security Coordinators; appropriate as that’s who needs this type of information about these security measures.

The interesting comment from him is that he (personally) does not have access to the un-redacted TSA report about the testing of the installation of his company’s equipment. I understand that there is a whole ‘need to know’ issue here, but business decisions and equipment recommendation need to be made based upon reports like. Oh well, I would hope that someone in his organization has access to this web site or was at least allowed to review the report before it was posted.

Now the other point; the ASC web site is great for airport people. But this is not an issue restricted just to airports. Any number of other critical infrastructure facilities have boundaries that need to be surveilled. The information from this testing would be a great piece of information for security managers at these sites as well. I would think that TSA would be able to find a way to share the information with other TSA monitored security programs (a small list to be sure) like railroad facilities.

DHS is going to have to be involved in making this information available to the rest of the non-transportation facilities that have federally mandated perimeter security requirements like CFATS and MTSA. The information about boundary security is applicable to almost any type facility.  

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