Sunday, January 15, 2012

Congress Comes Back to Washington

While the second session of the 112th Congress technically started in their pro-forma meetings last week, the practical start will be on Tuesday when the House will return to an abbreviated session that will elect a Sergeant-at-Arms for the Chamber. The only other action on the agenda for the House this week will be consideration of HJ Res 98, opposing the President’s announced intention to raise the National Debt Limit.

There are some House Committee meetings scheduled for this week, but nothing of particular interest to the chemical security or cybersecurity communities.

No word yet on Senate activities on any of the web sites, but they don’t usually do any business until the State of the Union Address, which happen on  January 24th this year. The committees that I typically track don’t even have any hearings listed on their sites yet. Nothing unusual here; it’s just the way the Senate operates.

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