Saturday, April 23, 2011

DHS S&T Cyber Forensics ICR – 30 Day Notice

On Monday DHS Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate will be publishing (actually available on the web today) a 30-day information collection request (ICR) notice on their proposed CyberForensics Electronic Technology Clearinghouse (CyberFETCH) program. According to the Notice:

“CyberFETCH is responsible for providing a collaborative environment for cyber forensics practitioners from law enforcement, private sector and academia. This clearinghouse will enable its users to share information, best practices and lessons learned within a secure collaborative environment. In order for a user to access this clearinghouse, he/she must complete a registration form to establish a user account.” (76 FR 22910)
More detailed information on the program was available in the 60-day notice published back in February. Public comments on this ICR are solicited. Comments may be filed via the Federal eRulemaking Portal (, Docket # DHS-2011-0021). Such comments should be filed by May 25, 2011 to ensure consideration.

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