Saturday, April 5, 2008

DHS Increases Usability of FAQ Page

Last month I wrote in a blog about the DHS FAQ web page (see: “Update on the DHS FAQ Page 03-12-08”) that there was no easy way to track changes on that page. Well, DHS has now fixed that. They have added a tool to the page that allows you to enter two dates and it will show all pages that have been added or changed within that date range.


I am not sure that many people will take the time to monitor changes to the page using this new tool. I’m not saying that the tool is overly time consuming; it is not. I’m just saying that most people will not care to take that tiny amount of additional effort.


There are people like myself that try to keep up with changes on the DHS system. For us, this is a great new timesaving tool. Once again, DHS is continuing to try to serve its varied customer base by working on the continuous improvement of their web site. Kudos to the DHS IT personnel that are working on this site.


Since my last report on the FAQ page, DHS has only added one new entry; #1393. It deals with which facilities are exempted from actions under the current CFATS regulations. There is no new information in the answer; it just answers a new question on the FAQ page.

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