Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CSAT Outage Week of 3-14-08

There is a notice on the DHS FAQ page today that the CSAT will be down for a portion of next week. It is apparently due to a move of the system to a new computer, routine update and system maintenance. Might as well get it all done at the same time.

I am disappointed that this is the only page where this notice appears. People who are looking for information, but don’t use the FAQ page will not know about this outage. Of course, DHS could be sending out a mass email to registered users of the CSAT system. Presumably those would be the people with the highest need for access to CSAT.

An interesting comment was included in the notice on the FAQ page.

"If your facility is required to file a CSAT Top Screen, DHS will take into account the temporary scheduled unavailability of CSAT. Be sure to check back throughout the week of April 14th to determine when it is back up and operational."

I would have thought that the vast majority of facilities had completed their Top Screen by this point. I have seen nothing indicating that the documentation is ready yet for starting SVA’s. So I guess this notice is for those people that are just now meeting the requirements for filing a Top Screen. I’m absolutely sure (big grin) that all of the facilities that fell under the Top Screen requirement have completed the Top Screen by now.

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