Thursday, January 6, 2022

Review - 2021 Chemical Security Summit Presentations

Yesterday CISA updated the Chemical Security Summit (CSS) web page to provide links to some of the presentations that were made at last month’s virtual summit. The links go to copies of the slides used in the presentations, not videos of the actual presentations, so a lot of detail is missing. And they have not covered all of the presentations that were made. Still, there is a great deal of information here.

The presentation slides available include:

CFATS Risk-Based Performance Standards (RBPS) Deep Dive and Best Practices

CFATS Personnel Surety Program Overview and Demonstration

Cyber-Physical Security Convergence in the Private Sector

Cyber Threat Hunting: Industrial Control System Security

How to Conduct a Chemical Security Exercise

Jack Rabbit III Program Update

P4 – A Platform for Public-Private Emergency Management Collaboration

Voluntary Chemical Security Initiatives: CISA ChemLock

Case Study on Recent Disruptions in the Supply of Chlorine: Impacts and Responses

Missing Presentations

The following presentations that were made in the 3-day Summit did not make it to the list of published presentations:

• State of Chemical Security,

• Industry Perspective on the Threat Landscape,

• FBI Chemical Threat Briefing,

• FBI Case Study on Economic Espionage in the Chemical Sector, and

• Probabilistic Analysis for National Threats Hazards and Risks (PANTHR) Overview.

I have no idea why the first two presentations did not make the publication cut. The two FBI were restricted (no press allowed) presentations in the first place so, there is no surprise that the slides were not shared. I was surprised that the DHS S&T PANTHR presentation did not get published. The program web site coverage is extensive, so there should not have been any concerns about sensitive information.

For more details, including brief summaries, about the presentations, see my article at CFSN Detailed Analysis - - subscription required.

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