Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Review - HR 4910 Introduced – State Cyber Resiliency

Last month Rep Kilmer (D,WA) introduced HR 4910, the State Cyber Resiliency Act. The bill would establish the State Cyber Resiliency Grant Program administered by FEMA to assist State, local, and tribal governments in preventing, preparing for, protecting against, and responding to cyber threats. The bill would authorize “such sums as are necessary” for the grant program.

Kilmer is not a member of the House Homeland Security Committee or the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to which this bill was assigned for consideration, but his single cosponsor {Rep McCaul (R,TX) is a member of the Homeland Security Committee. This means that there may be enough influence to see this bill considered in Committee. I suspect that there would be at least some bipartisan support for this bill, but only if the State and local grant program in Division G, Title VI, Subtitle B of  HR 3684  (see commentary in my post here). This bill will almost certainly die without action if the provision in HR 3684 makes it to the President’s desk.

For more details about the grant program described in this bill, including the must have criteria for cyber resiliency plans, see my article at CFSN Detailed Analysis - - subscription required.

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