Saturday, April 10, 2021

OCS Publishes Updated CSAT Portal User Manual – March 2021

Sometime last month (probably) the CISA Office of Chemical Security {the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) folks} published an updated version of the Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) Portal User Manual. The new version is dated March 2021.

DHS stopped putting management of change information in their CFATS manuals a number of years ago, so we now have to determine what changes were made by inspection. This is a 131 page manual and I have not done a line-by-line inspection to determine all of the changes that were made. I did look at the table of contents and the listing of tables and figures; there were no changes made there.

In looking closely at a large selection of pages, I only found one change. On the top of page 58, under the heading of Top-Screen, the following change was made:

Old – “You may update this survey at any time after you submitted an initial Top-Screen.”

New – “You may update this survey after DHS has completed the review of your previous Top-Screen submission.”

This is a minor change in procedure, but it is of no real practical importance. Both versions of the manual follow that by stating: “The [Update] button appears only when your facility meets the conditions listed above.”

Facility Security Officers for covered facilities and consultants working with the facilities on CFATS implementation will need to download a copy of the new version.

BTW: CISA only lists one of the five CSAT manuals from the CSAT web page on their Guidance Document web page. Guess what? It is not this one.

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