Friday, April 23, 2021

Bills Introduced – 4-22-21

Yesterday, with both the House and the Senate preparing to depart Washington for the weekend, there were 168 bills introduced. Three of those bills may receive additional coverage in this blog:

S 1316 A bill to amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to authorize the Secretary of Homeland Security to make a declaration of a significant incident, and for other purposes. Sen. Peters, Gary C. [D-MI] 

S 1324 A bill to establish a Civilian Cyber Security Reserve as a pilot project to address the cyber security needs for the United States with respect to national security, and for other purposes. Sen. Rosen, Jacky [D-NV]

S 1359 A bill to establish the Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation, and for other purposes. Sen. Coons, Christopher A. [D-DE] 

I will be watching S 1316 for language and definitions that specifically include cybersecurity incidents in potential ‘significant incident’ declaration authority.

I will be watching S 1324 for language and definitions that would specifically include industrial control systems in the ‘cybersecurity needs’ of the United States.

I suspect that S 1359 is a green-energy bill with ‘energy security’ equating to energy supply needs. I will be watching for anything that addresses cybersecurity issues.

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