Thursday, February 14, 2019

Bills Introduced – 02-13-19

Yesterday with both the House and Senate in session there were 98 bills introduced. Three of those bills may receive additional coverage in this blog:

HR 1158 To authorize cyber incident response teams at the Department of Homeland Security, and for other purposes. Rep. McCaul, Michael T. [R-TX-10] 

HJ Res 45 Making further continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2019, and for other purposes. Rep. Biggs, Andy [R-AZ-5]

S 482 A bill to strengthen the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to combat international cybercrime, and to impose additional sanctions with respect to the Russian Federation, and for other purposes.  Sen. Graham, Lindsey [R-SC] 

I will be watching S 482 for language that would include attacks on industrial control systems in the definition of ‘cybercrime’, but I am not holding my breath.

There was one other oddly named bill that I will personally be watching (but will probably not be writing about here), S 483. Introduced by Sen. Roberts (R,KS) it is titled: “A bill to enact into law a bill by reference.” Odd.

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