Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Bills Introduced – 02-27-18

Yesterday with both the House and Senate in session, there were 63 bills introduced. Of those, two may be of specific interest to readers of this blog:

HR 5099 To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to establish in the Department of Homeland Security a fusion center technical assistance program. Rep. Estes, Ron [R-KS-4]

HR 5131 To improve the effectiveness of Federal efforts to identify and address homeland security risks to surface transportation, secure against vehicle-based attacks, and conduct a feasibility assessment of introducing new security technologies and measures, and for other purposes. Rep. Watson Coleman, Bonnie [D-NJ-12] 

I will be watching HR 5099 to see if it includes specific cybersecurity requirements, particularly for industrial control system security issues.

I will be watching HR 5131 for chemical transportation security issues.

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