Monday, December 25, 2017

DOT Publishes Energy Growth Report

On Friday the Department of Transportation published a notice in the Federal Register (82 FR 60693) announcing the publication of their report on “Agency Recommendations to Alleviate or Eliminate Actions That Burden Domestic Energy Production” that was required by EO 13783, Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth.

The report addressed the following actions:

• Licensing of Deepwater Ports for Export of Oil and Liquefied Natural Gas (pg 4);
• Cylinder Requalification Requirements (pg 5)( 2137-AF30);
• Rail Transport of LNG (pg 5);
• Design Criteria and Limitations on the Use of Plastic Pipe (pgs 5-6)( 2137-AE93);
• Small Scale LNG Siting (pg 6);
• Small LPG Applicability (pgs 6-7); and
• Class Location Requirements (pg 7)( 2137-AF29).

Only three of the seven items have current rulemaking activities reported in the Fall 2017 Unified agenda; I have included links to those listings where they exist. The report explains that the Maritime Administration plans on publishing an Export Policy Notice in the Federal Register next month on the deep-water port issue. The report notes that PHMSA may consider issuing advanced notices of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) on the three remaining activities.

There are no specific provisions in either the notice nor the report soliciting public comments on the report. 

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