Monday, May 22, 2017

Committee Hearings – Week of 05-21-17

With both the House and Senate in Washington this week the focus will start to be on the FY 2018 budget. Other topics will also be addressed in Congressional hearings including one cybersecurity hearing.

Potentially Interesting Budget Hearings

With the President’s FY 2018 budget heading to the Hill this week we will be starting to see a series of hearing on that budget request. Some of the hearings that may be of particular interest to readers of this blog include:

US Cyber Command (House) – Tuesday;
DOT (House) – Wednesday;
DHS (House) – Wednesday;
DOD (Senate) – Wednesday;


Okay, ‘cybersecurity’ will really be one of the (major) sub-texts of this hearing. On Tuesday the Cybersecurity Subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee will be holding a hearing on ‘Cyber Posture of the Services’. The witness list includes:

• Vice Admiral Marshall B. Lytle III, USCG
• Vice Admiral Michael M. Gilday, USN
• Lieutenant General Paul M. Nakasone, USA
• Major General Christopher P. Weggeman, USAF
• Major General Loretta E. Reynolds, USMC

I expect that there will be passing references to WannaCry and perhaps some obscure references to industrial control system security issues.

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