Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Committee Hearings – Week of 6-26-16

This week only the Senate is in Washington; the House has already started their long 4th of July weekend. There are two hearings of potential interest to readers of this blog; both dealing with cybersecurity issues.

IOT and Transportation

The first hearing will be conducted this morning by the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on “How the Internet of Things (IoT) Can Bring U.S. Transportation and Infrastructure into the 21st Century”. The witness list includes:

• Carlos Monje, DOT;
• Seleta Reynolds, Los Angeles Department of Transportation
• Jordan Kass, C.H. Robinson
• Doug Davis, Intel Corporation
• Robert Edelstein, AECOM

Cybersecurity issues may be (hopefully) raised during this hearing.

DOD – Cybersecurity and Encryption

The Senate Armed Services Committee will be holding a hearing on Thursday on “National Security Cyber and Encryption Challenges”. This is a closed hearing so we will probably hear nothing about the actual discussion here. Admiral Rogers is currently the only scheduled witness for this hearing.

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