Tuesday, April 19, 2016

HR 636 Proceeding in Senate

Yesterday the Senate adopted the substitute language for HR 636 that would turn it into the FAA authorization bill without debate or vote. The then voted to close debate on HR 636 by a recorded vote of 89-5. The final debate on the bill will start this morning at 11:00 EDT and the Senate will vote on the bill at noon.

The bill includes a number of cybersecurity provisions including:

§4109 – Cybersecurity (from S 2658);
§4110 – Securing aircraft avionics systems; and
§5029 – Aviation Cybersecurity

It also includes two unmanned aircraft system (UAS) provisions of specific interest to critical infrastructure owners:

§2154 – No fly-zone designations (from S 2658); and
§2126 {§44805(f)} – CI owner overflight rights.

Based upon the cloture vote results, this bill will easily pass with substantial bipartisan support.

NOTE: After the vote on HR 636, the Senate is scheduled to take up final consideration of S 2012, the energy authorization bill which also has a number of cybersecurity provisions.

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