Wednesday, April 13, 2016

HR 636 Amendments – 04-12-16

Yesterday there were 44 amendments proposed to HR 636. Only one of those will be of specific interest to readers of this blog; SA 3679. This amendment is now the substitute language that will turn HR 636 into the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2016. The previous substitute language amendment was dropped (tabled) yesterday by Sen. McConnell.

New Language

The new substitute language is pretty much the same language as the previous version. The amendments that had been adopted in the Senate have been added into this newer version. In addition, there has been a new title added to the bill, Title VII, that deals with the Airport and Airway Trust Fund.

I have not gone back and checked to see if all of the language in all of the sections of the bill, but I have done so for the four sections that I have been specifically covering in the bill:

• Sec. 2154. Applications for designation. [same]
• Sec. 4109. Cybersecurity. [same]
• Sec. 4110. Securing aircraft avionics systems. [same as added]
• Sec. 5029. Aviation cybersecurity. [same as modified]

Moving Forward

Cloture on the new amendment was filed yesterday, so there will be a vote on that tomorrow. It looks like McConnell intends to have a final vote on this bill this week. The cloture vote tomorrow will tell the tale on the chances of him getting his way.

Meanwhile today a number of Senators will have to make a decision if they are going to re-submit amendments to the new language that had been proposed to the old substitute. That plus the normal string of new amendments will ensure that I have a goodly number of amendments to peruse tomorrow.

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