Friday, October 5, 2012

Updated CRS Report on CFATS

Earlier this week the Congressional Research Service published the latest version of their report for Congress on chemical facility security. Dana Shea prepares these reports periodically as a quick look (okay 39 pages ain’t all that quick) for congresscritters and their staffs to get up to speed on the current state of the CFATS program and potential options for Congress to deal with, respond to, or ignore the current situation. If it’s good enough for a congresscritter it should be good enough for a CEO to keep up with the situation as well.

Dana does a good job with these reports and documents sources of information very well. As a CRS researcher Dana has access to information not generally available to the public or bloggers such as DHS reports to congressional committees. This makes for some interesting reading.

I don’t say this often enough when I write about these CRS reports, but thanks to the American Federation of Scientists for making these reports available on their web site. One would like to think that the CRS web site would publish these, but it doesn’t. Without the FAS we would not have access to this information.

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