Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New TWIC Web Site

Laurie Thomas, on her MTSA News blog, points out that the Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) program has a new web site that is obviously part of the DHS general web site revamp. This new page was apparently just established (it has a ‘last revision’ date of ’28 September 2012’; note the military dating protocol). The TSA folks seem to have the same IT problems that the CFATS folks had with their new page; there are lots of dead links on the page.

I haven’t spend a lot of time on the TWIC sites so I can’t tell how much of the available information is really new but I did run across some interesting information as I was clicking through some of the active links.

TWIC Enrollment Centers

There is a nice search tool for TWIC Enrollment Centers. You can search by Port or by State. A quick check of land-locked states shows what should have been obvious; there are plenty of states where you cannot get a TWIC. These states include:

• Arizona
• Colorado
• Idaho
• Montana
• Nebraska
• Nevada
• New Mexico
• North Dakota
• South Dakota
• Utah
• Wyoming

People who think that the CFATS program ought to adopt the TWIC as the personnel surety vetting system need to keep in mind that people in these 11 states do not have reasonable access to a TWIC Enrollment Center.

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John C. W. Bennett said...


The situation for some landlocked states MAY improve when the new TWIC issuing contractor, MorphoTrust, takes over under the Universal Enrollment Services Contract. There has been some discussion of MorphoTrust upgrading some of their existing state driver's license issuing offices to handle TWICs.


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