Friday, December 9, 2011

CVE Links in ICS-CERT Advisories

Joel Langill from must have sensed my frustration with the CVE link issue on ICS-CERT advisories. He sent me a nice email yesterday letting me know that the link issue does not appear to be an ICS-CERT problem. He noted that he has gone back and checked on these links later and “learned these links would work after a week or so”.

So, unless ICS-CERT is prophesizing the future existence of the CVE numbers (more than a little unlikely), the link problem is probably related to an approval process at NIST. In any case I will cease to comment on the issue in my posts on future ICS-CERT advisories. If you’re interested in looking at the CVE information try the link a week or so after advisory is posted. What’s a week in the cyber world?

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