Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reader Comment – 04-14-09 – SSP Template

Anonymous has posted a comment to yesterday’s blog about my acquisition of a copy of the SSP Template. He/she writes: “Is this legal? Let me get this straight, one of your operatives have clandestinely ‘obtained’ a copy of the SSP template, sent it to you, and now you are going to pick it apart.” Not only is it legal, it is moral and non-fattening. And let’s keep our terminology straight, it is not ‘operatives’ it is ‘fellow travelers’. I am neither a government nor an organization; I am an observer, an explainer, and a midnight suggester. DHS will shortly (we hope) be publishing two manuals on their web site explaining how to complete the Site Security Plan. They had hoped to have this published and working last month, but the Office of Management and Budget has held things up as they are still reviewing the final version of the Risk-Based Performance Standards Guidance document that will help facilities complete their SSP. Thus, I am helping DHS by offering my insights and observations on their diligent efforts. Between us and hundreds of consultants, the high-risk chemical facilities will have an easier time completing their SSP. BTW, the latest word that I have received is that DHS will post the finally approved (if and when) RBPS Guidance documents on their web site, not the Federal Register. They will notify registered CSAT users when that has been done. Shortly thereafter they will start mailing out the Tier 1 Final Facility Determination Letters. The Tier 2, 3, and 4 letters will be sent out at staggered intervals.

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Unknown said...

How could a fellow "resaercher get an advanced copy of this document so that i can get ahead start on my SSP.

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