Friday, December 26, 2008

Reader Comment 12-24-08

I got a quick response from John Honovich to Wednesday’s blog (see: “Using Video for Detecting Perimeter Violations”). As always he was appreciative of the mention of his site in the blog (it is free advertising after all). He includes some advice for security mangers thinking about using video analytics: “My general recommendation for security managers is to be very careful when selecting video analytics. This technology suffers from incredible overselling. A lot of security managers have horror stories as a result. I hope Nick's article helped to dispel the notion that video analytics are magic. You need to be very careful about selecting video analytic systems, and for managers of chemical facilities you may need to use multiple analytic technologies in combination.” As he always does, John wanted me to let everyone know that he is willing to take questions ( from people working in chemical facility security. It’s not just because he is a nice guy (and he’s always been helpful to me), he notes that there is some self-interest involved; “It helps me as well better understand the challenges of security managers.” I urge anyone that has questions about video surveillance to take John up on his kind offer.

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