Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update on IED Training DVD

I reported yesterday (see: “Training for Recognition of IED’s for Railcar Inspections”) about the training DVD that TSA has developed for IED recognition training and that I would try to get a copy of the DVD to review. Well, I did receive a prompt email response from TSA to my request. They said:
“We have received your request for freight rail training materials. However, the materials are only meant for those entities which are regulated under 49 CFR 174.704 or 49 CFR 1580.”
I doubt that they are trying to hide anything. The rules probably say that they are for railroads and hazmat shippers, so that is the only people that TSA will send them to. And I am certainly not a railroad or a hazmat shipper, a point I made clear in my email to TSA. Oh well, I’ll try to get the video through some alternative sources. The good news is that I did a get a one day turnaround on my request. That bodes well for facilities trying to get the video.

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