Saturday, March 29, 2008

FBI/DHS issued Special Assessment this week

It has been a couple of days now since the FBI/DHS issued their “Joint Homeland Special Assessment” following the latest jihadist message from Al Qaeda. According to the article about the ‘assessment’,  no one really expects an Al Qaeda attack. ‘Wannabes and sympathizers’ are of the type threat that intelligence people are looking for.


Because of Al Qaeda’s diatribe against the Israeli ‘siege laid upon Gaza’ and the expected Dutch release this weekend of the anti-Muslim video, by Geert Wilders, facilities associated with or connected to either of those two countries might want to increase their vigilance somewhat over the coming weeks.


I’m not sure if these ‘assessments’ are being sent to ‘high-risk’ chemical facilities, but they certainly should be. This assessment is certainly not a warning of an impending attack, but high-risk facilities should be watching these types of ‘warnings’, and making ‘proper’ adjustments to their security posture.


A ‘proper’ response may be no more than reminding security personnel and employees to be on the lookout for unusual activity around the facility. Or maybe ask the local police to make an extra patrol past the plant after dark. Even this minor increase in threat deserves a response.

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