Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CSAT Data Collection Requirements Re-issued

Last week DHS re-posted a Notice in the Federal Register requesting comments on the cost of the data collection requirements of the various components of CSAT. I reported on the initial posting of this in my November 24th blog (see “DHS reports CSAT Data Collection Requirements”). DHS is extending the comment period until February 27th.


The reason for this is that there has only been one comment received on the original posting. That comment has not been published on www.regulations.gov (the site normally used by GPO to publish comments on proposed rules). I am still trying to find out where the comments on these data collection requirements are posted. As soon as I can find it, I will report on the comments.


Unfortunately, DHS did not revise the data estimates provided in the Notice to reflect actual results of the CSAT Registration and Top Screen efforts since the publication of the Appendix A Final rule. As I commented in my earlier blog I think the reported number of facilities expected to register and complete the Top Screen was way too low. It would have been nice to see a revised set of numbers in this notice.


Anyone wishing to file a comment on this Notice can send an email to: oira--submission@omb.eop.gov

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