Friday, February 29, 2008

Change to CSAT Registration Manual

Well the DHS Web Presence continues to evolve. As with all change the good comes with the bad. The change started on the Chemical Security Assessment Tool page. Once again you can tell that something has changed by the new date on the bottom of the page. Clicking on the various links, one-by-one, you can find out that the CSAT User Registration User Guide has changed. Everything is perfectly normal so far; a pain, but normal.


Download the .PDF file and you note the first new thing, there are now security settings on that document. You can save and open the manual, but you cannot print it. Nor can you copy anything from the document. This is a real pain. This makes it real hard to review or use the manual.


When you get to Page 2 of the manual (page 6 of 45 according to the Adobe Acrobat Reader) you see the good thing. DHS has added a change log to this manual. It tells you that the following have been changed between version 1.5.b and 1.5.c:


  • Text added to emphasize that the “County” field is NOT a “Country” field (in the Facility Address Section)
  • Added the “Change Log” page
  • FAQ added about Submitters and Authorizers needing to be an employee of an organization


Well, I salute DHS for adding the Change Log. I hope that they continue that with all of their manuals. I really hope that the security settings on this document were an error of some sort. They can correct that error the next time the change the document.

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