Monday, February 28, 2022

Review - HR 6824 Introduced – Cybersecurity Competition

Last week, Rep Luria (D,VA) introduced HR 6824, the President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition Act. The bill would allow CISA “to hold an annual cybersecurity competition to be known as the ‘Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition’” {§2(a)} across offensive and defensive cybersecurity disciplines. No new monies are being authorized to support this competition.

Moving Forward

As I mentioned this morning, the House Homeland Security Committee will take up this bill on Wednesday. As of 9:30 pm EST today, there are no amendments proposed for this bill. I see nothing that would draw any organized opposition to the bill. I suspect that it will be adopted by the Committee with significant bipartisan support. This bill could be considered by the Full House later in March.


The way this bill is set up we could see multiple Department wide competitions or a single government wide competition. Or not competitions, if CISA decides it is just not worth the effort. In any case, if this bill passes, Congress gets credit for doing something for cybersecurity, even if no one holds a single competition.

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