Thursday, December 30, 2021

Review - S 2016 Reported in Senate – Surface Transportation Investment

Earlier this month, the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee reported (without written report) S 2016, the Surface Transportation Investment Act of 2021. The Committee adopted substitute language in a markup hearing on June 16th, 2021. The reported version of the bill contains 19 new sections including §2425, Requirements for railroad freight cars placed into service in The United States. That section contains language restricting the sourcing of sensitive electronic components of freight railcars.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, this bill was included in the substitute language for HR 3684 that was considered by the Senate and subsequently the House and then signed into law by the President. The provision described above was included in that bill as §22425. I overlooked that section in my discussions of the Senate action on HR 3684.

In any case, there will be no further action on this bill.

For more details on the provisions of §2425, see my article at CFSN Detailed Analysis -  - subscription required.

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